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Color Consulting Services by Perez Premium Painting

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Exterior Paint Color Consultant Near Me

The meaning of home is evolving.  It used to be a place to sleep, cook, eat, do homework and shower.  Now, it's also an office, school, gym, castle, oasis of peace, and base for social connections.  These evolving needs serve as the catalyst to decorate and enhance a home through color.

Carefully selected colors harmonize design elements and allow you to fully enjoy your home. Perez Premium Painting has helped customers decorate for over 20 years.

Our extensive library of current and vintage color tools provides wide-ranging decorating inspiration.  We can advise you on the latest color trends and classic color combinations. Choosing colors is personal and emotional. Multiple factors go into selecting appropriate hues.


They include room size, lighting, existing furniture or architectural elements, and the client's preferences and cognitive associations. As a general rule, pleasing color combinations are complimentary or matching.  Colors not in harmony with each other are considered clashing or loud.​

Paint Can and Brush
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Free Color Consultation 

A color consultation is the best way to choose the right colors for your space. In this consultation, we will discuss your color preferences and come up with a color scheme that is right for you. This consultation is free of charge and can be done in person or over the phone.

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